The Ultimate Moving Service. In Conversation with Charlotte Hepworth.

By Charlotte Hepworth
May 05, 2021 02:19pm
Bespoke Home Moves - Moving Service

Whether you’re relocating from town to the country or moving your family abroad for a new venture, choosing a right moving service has the potential to be extremely stressful and time-consuming. That doesn’t always need to be the case.

Since Queen’s began relocating client’s across the globe, we’ve always tried to make the packing and movement of belongings as stressfree and seamless as possible. That said, moving isn’t just about the physical movement of your belongings and that’s where someone like Charlotte Hepworth, founder of Bespoke Home Moves comes in.

Whether a client needs help organising their home prior to the move, requires assistance selling classic cars to make way for a new collection or indeed needs assistance recruiting the right staff, Charlotte and her team are on hand to provide the most stress-free moves imaginable. Charlotte manages the move from start to finish and is often asked to provide concierge and lifestyle services long after the move is complete. Interested to find out just how effortless Charlotte can make a move appear, we asked Charlotte a few questions. First up;

What kind of moves do you usually organise for clients?

We offer a turnkey solution for our clients when they are looking to move or relocate so that they can continue to concentrate on the things that matter to them most in their personal and professional life. Our service is tailored to each client’s needs so we can support them with as little or as much of the process as they wish. This can mean that we project manage everything from the organising and decluttering of the home in advance of the move, arranging the quotes from reputable moving companies, right through to making the beds and putting food in the fridge. We are also able to offer elements of our service such as just unpacking and putting away which would include the styling of the wardrobes and the organisation of the kitchen pantry or cupboards as required.

What’s the largest move that you have organised to date?

In terms of the size of the house, it would be an 8,000 sq. ft. house in Surrey. In terms of value, I have overseen the packing of a private porcelain collection which was valued at £6million. We are often asked to assist with additional services from our clients such as managing their inventories. Once we have worked with them for some time, there is that element of trust which has been built and so we become part of an extended network of resource for them.

How do you choose who you work with when it comes to choosing partners, such as ourselves at Queen’s?

In the early days of business, it was very much trial and error. However now the business is very much established in the luxury space, we seek to work with partners whose ethos and core values align with ours at Bespoke Home Moves. We are always looking to exceed our client’s expectations and it is key that we work with companies who are also looking to do that. This comes through building relationships with like-minded businesses and developing that knowledge of each other so we can work in a seamless and professional manner to fulfil our client’s requirements.

What do you usually find clients request the most when moving?

The most popular element of our offering is the unpacking and putting away. This is the thing that can often send people over the edge as there is such a volume and it is difficult to know where to start if you are doing it on your own. Wherever possible we would encourage our clients to take a short break or stay at a second home whilst we do the unpacking and putting away, as this really is what allows them to have that ‘wow’ factor when they return. In addition, we regularly oversee the setting up of home electricals to include Wi-Fi, AV systems and most recently home security. This way our clients are good to go as soon as they arrive home.

How do you and your moving team ensure a seamless move day?

The key to it is preparation. The more time spent in advance planning, the more seamless the process will be. We spend lots of time prior to the move, making sure we know where all the main pieces of furniture will be placed, what the priorities are for the families and how they like their possessions to be displayed. All members of our team have their niche when it comes to unpacking and putting away so we always play to those strengths. This way everyone is in their own space and doing what they do best.

Looking for a specialist moving service? Your single point of contact will work with you to determine how best to pack, ship and store your belongings depending on your needs. Find out more or email and we’d be happy to assist. 

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