Thinking About Moving Your Painting Storage? 4 Things to Consider First.

By Tim Bala
March 03, 2021 11:55am
London based fine art storage

Whether you’re looking to move your gallery’s entire inventory from one painting storage facility to another, or need temporary storage for a forthcoming exhibition change, moving large collections is no mean feat.  That’s why we spoke to our Storage Manager, Tim Bala, to find out what you need to consider before moving any works, helping you to make the right decision when choosing a new art storage facility.

1. Transport – The safe movement of works from A to B and back again, when required.

When deciding which storage facility best suits your needs of course it’s important to think about the kind of logistical needs your artwork will require. Many of our gallery clients often need regular access to works in storage and require frequent shuttles to and from their chosen storage facility to the gallery. This means that a cost-effective yet safe frequent transport option is paramount.

However, if you’re looking to store works in ‘deep storage’ (more on that later) then the cost of transport may be less of a concern if this is outweighed in the long run by more competitive storage rates. For clients looking to store large pieces, antiques and sculptures, you’ll also need to consider whether the facility has the ability to actually transport your works. We recently transported a 3 tonne Damien Hirst sculpture that required a dedicated truck and a specialist team on hand to ensure the move and installation went smoothly, for example.

We know that regular transport options also provide the client with the flexibility to access their works. That’s why we operate a same day twice-daily movement from our storage facility to and around Central London as standard and for those that require something a little more bespoke, we regularly work with clients on an individual basis to tailor a package to their transport requirements.

painting storage

2. Expertise The desired blend of knowledge, experience and capacity to handle your artwork.

When placing items of high value into storage it’s obviously vital to ensure that the company you choose to transport/store/install your works possess the expertise required to ensure all aspects of the job are carried out correctly and safely. After all, we’re here to make your life easier. Ensuring the team has the relevant level of expertise means that works are handled precisely and with absolute care and attention to detail.

The team at Queen’s have a wealth of experience and our skilled technicians have transported works to all corners of the globe as well as delivering and installing works in royal households, museums and private estates, meaning you can rest assured knowing your works are in safe hands.

3. Preservation – Knowing that works will not be damaged, compromised or depreciate over time in the painting storage facility.

Moving your art storage is often the perfect time to ensure all items are packed appropriately and detailed on your inventory correctly. That’s why it’s often recommended to commission an inventory check and to ensure all works are condition reported and logged accurately before moving works into storage.

At Queen’s we use Articheck to condition report our clients’ works, providing peace of mind and ultimate transparency to clients throughout. Our storage team are also constantly reviewing and expanding our packing specifications to remain up to date and, where possible, ahead of industry standards.

4. Access – Knowing that your artwork is there when you need it.

When moving art storage you of course you need to know how you will access your works. Will you be granted swift, short term access to works when required or do you want to pay a lower rate for deeper storage that requires more notice to access? Naturally, this will depend on your reasons for needing art storage and may vary across your collection but, at Queen’s, we often provide same-day access to works for clients that need it.

For works that may not need to be accessed as frequently, Queen’s can offer a lower monthly storage rate for deep storage. For clients who need to regularly access works, transport costs and release fees can be tailored to requirements to ensure a competitive and convenient solution.

Looking to move your art storage? Please contact us at and we’d be happy to talk through your requirements.

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