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Queen’s partners with Nottingham Contemporary for their latest exhibition.

By Kiera Blakey
October 10, 2021 04:32pm

For several months now, Queen’s has been working closely with the team at Nottingham Contemporary to facilitate the logistics for their latest exhibition installation, Our Silver City 2094, and to develop a green exhibition guide.

For our clients who are less familiar with Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham Contemporary is an international center of contemporary art with a strong sense of local purpose. Since opening in 2009, they have held more than 60 exhibitions, with over 2 million visitors to date, presenting innovative and interwoven programmes of international exhibitions, learning, partnerships, and research. And if that wasn’t enough, they were shortlisted for Art Fund Museum of the Year 2019.

We caught up with their Head of Exhibitions, Kiera Blakey, to find out a little more about the exhibition, where the idea for the exhibition came from, and what visitors can expect. First up, we asked:

We’re really looking forward to seeing the exhibition open on the 20th of November, but where did the idea for the exhibition originally come from?

Our Silver City, 2094 is imagined as a journey that unfolds across four galleries, orientated to the cardinal points. It traces a route from change to understanding, from inner knowledge to wisdom. Along the way, we encounter a selection of artifacts, remnants, and artworks connecting the long 21st century with what went before. Every exhibition asks us to travel in time, but this one insists upon it. This exhibition asks: How might visual culture be produced, displayed, and experienced in the future? Who were ‘we’ before we became ‘we’? Where are we going now? And how might we get there?

How did you choose the artists to participate in the exhibition and are there any new and noteworthy commissions that we should keep an eye out for?

Our Silver City, 2094 is based on a methodology created by Prem Krishnamurthy; the exhibition takes the form of a speculative fiction, or a process of collaborative world-building. It has been developed over the last two years by artists – Céline Condorelli, Femke Herregraven, Grace Ndiritu – and the novelist Liz Jensen, working in dialogue with Krishnamurthy and the Nottingham Contemporary team.

Its language and texture draw upon conversations across Nottingham, with school children, climate scientists, and geographers. The project also extends throughout our building and into the city via a program developed with young people. There are almost 100 artworks, artifacts and three new major multi-disciplinary commissions by Céline Condorelli, Femke Herregraven, Grace Ndiritu.

Dos Años de Vacaciones [Two Years']

Céline Condorelli, Dos Años de Vacaciones (Two Years’ Vacation). Exhibition view, TEA Tenerife, 2021. Photograph Sergio Acosta.

Why did you decide to partner with Queen’s on this initiative?

You reached out to us first and despite having relationships with many other transportation companies we remembered you because you had such a personal touch. After our first meeting we knew right away we wanted to build a working relationship, you helped us problem solve, made an effort to get to know us personally and we felt supported beyond just a transaction! You’ve assisted us with the logistics and movement of over 52 works of varying sizes for the exhibition from over 20 different locations, so it’s great to be working so closely with a team that we can trust for our latest exhibition installation.

Are there any outputs that you’d like to come from such an innovative exhibition?

We hope it will start a dialogue about who are spaces for and the civic role of institutions. Along with yourselves, we’re working on a new green exhibition guide; and we want to empower the young people in our city by providing space and opportunities for them to meaningfully participate and connect to the many components of the exhibition.

Where can our clients find out more if they’d like to attend?

The exhibition opens on the 20th November through to the 18th of April. If you’d like to visit us or find out more information, all the details on the exhibition can be found on our website, here.

For exhibition installation, storage, or shipping requests, your Queen’s contact remains at your disposal. Alternatively, please contact [email protected]

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