Fine Art Shipping. 3 Things You Should Know.

By James Mitchell-Kempner
February 02, 2021 11:11am

Many of our clients have been using our fine art shipping services, as well as shipping antiques and other valuables with us for years.

That said, for some of our newer clients, or for people who are new to the industry, the process of fine art shipping or shipping your most prized possessions around the world can often be a daunting experience. That’s why we asked our Logistics Coordinator and fine art shipping enthusiast, James Mitchell-Kempner, what top 3 things you should know before shipping your art.

1. What’s the timeframe for fine art shipping?

Is there a hard deadline for the delivery of your works? The urgency of a shipment will often dictate the method of transport and can have a major impact on the cost of shipping. Therefore, less urgent shipments allow us to offer more cost-effective consolidated options. If you have the ability to plan ahead, this can also help combat your environmental concerns. We can arrange for works to be transported on consolidated shipments, which are more eco-friendly than standalone shipments.

fine art shipping

2. Do you know the Customs status of the works you plan to ship?

With the current changing customs landscape it can be difficult to know exactly which procedures to follow. A good start is to know the current customs status of the work and how it should be imported to its destination. To help with this, Queen’s have provided a useful post-Brexit and customs guide. However, if you’d rather just speak to a member of our team, we are always on hand to answer any customs questions.

3. Do you need insurance for fine art shipping?

Make sure that fine art, antiques and other value shipments are covered by transit insurance. Your current insurance cover should include it, thus, it’s always worth checking with them first. If you still need insurance, our logistics team can include transit insurance on request. Additionally, we receive very competitive rates, so please ask us and we’d be more than happy to assist.

Need help with an up and coming shipment? You can contact the team at We usually aim to respond within the hour.
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