Installing a 6×3 meter canvas at one of London’s most renowned galleries

By Queen's
January 01, 2022 05:26pm
Iva Troj at The Saatchi Gallery

What does it take to hang an ambitiously large six by three-metre canvas at one of London’s most renowned galleries?

One site survey, continued project advisory services, specialist packing, multiple risk statements and method statements, transport and installation and an extremely experienced logistics team working through the night to balance complex access requirements to ensure a successful art installation.

We recently had the pleasure of working with the team at Creative Giants and The Saatchi Gallery to transport and install the #MasterPiece by the Brighton-based 2016 Palm Award Winner and 2019 CAF Artist Of The Year artist Iva Troj as part of the launch of Halo Infinite, the famous video game franchise.

Our specialist team, led by our client services manager, Jonathan Kennedy and fine art technician, Luke Regan, provided support to Creative Giants to help to transport and exhibit this commission at the Saatchi Gallery here in London.

Titled the ‘Master Piece’, playing on Halo’s lead character’s name, the artwork was transported through the night and installed over a weekend.  The artwork itself took just over a month to complete and the aim was to blend Renaissance art with cutting edge entertainment, prompting the viewer to consider video games in a new light.

Though not obvious to the viewer, the piece consisted of three smaller separate panels due to access and transport requirements from the artist’s studio. We were tasked to join the panels together on-site at The Saatchi Gallery so the artist could infill the joins to create the effect of a single larger panel. We also consulted with Creative Giants and their fabricator to ensure that the prop frame could be installed easily and safely once the canvases had been united and hung.

We certainly think the finished article looks pretty spectacular.

If you require assistance with large scale sculpture art installation, then your Queen’s contact remains at your disposal. Alternatively, contact and we will be in touch.

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