50ft 2,300kg Rhys Coren sculpture installation by Queen’s

By Jonathan Kennedy
June 06, 2022 05:01pm
Rhys Coren

After 5 years in the making, there’s a new sculpture installation in Mayfair. Weighing in at 2,300 kg, we recently had the pleasure of installing a large terrazzo, epoxy resin, aluminium, and stainless steel work by Rhys Coren, who is represented by our client Seventeen Gallery.

For clients curious as to how such a heavy work was installed and to find out where you can view the piece for yourself, further details of the installation can be found below.

How did this sculpture installation process go?

In order to install the work safely and securely, our technicians first had to affix four main hanging plates to the architectural supports for artwork in Medici Courtyard. Each of these corresponded with custom brackets which were attached to the back of the artwork.

After being transported to the site on a dedicated flat-bed vehicle and with the work supported by a custom steel frame, the team then used a heavy-duty crane to lift the artwork into the air and position the work so that it perfectly aligned the hanging plates with the corresponding brackets. The work was then slowly lowered to ensure that both brackets and plates were fully engaged and the work supported accordingly. Eight restraining bolts were then fitted to lock artwork into the wall before finally removing the rigging and leaving the artwork on display for all to enjoy.

Where is the work located?

The work was commissioned for the Medici Courtyard, on Dering Passage, and is now on view to the public. For our clients in and around Mayfair, the work can be found just off Dering Street.

Should you require assistance with a complex installation email info@queensfineart.com and one of Queen’s specialists will be in touch.

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