3 ways Queen’s is supporting Mental Health Awareness Week

By Nataliia Zvirkova
May 05, 2022 11:15am

This week marks Mental Health Awareness Week 2022 and to coincide we’re proud to be launching a number of initiatives to support the mental health and wellbeing of everyone at Queen’s.

24/7 Employee Assistance Programme

The Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), provides professional mental health support to everyone at Queen’s. From today, all employees at Queen’s will have unlimited access to support from qualified counsellors, available 24/7.

Subsidised Gym Membership

It’s no surprise that physical and mental health are interconnected. Research shows that exercise and physical activity releases endorphins, which make you feel happy and more able to cope with life’s stresses, including loneliness. From today, Queen’s has partnered with Bravo Benefits, to offer discounts at over 3,500 gyms, health clubs, swimming pools, leisure centres, yoga studios, boot camps, fitness studios, independent clubs and more.

Launch of our new Neurodivergence Policy

We are also pleased to introduce our new neurodivergence policy. With this policy in place, we aim to provide relevant support and reduce the barriers to entry, that many neurodivergent individuals face when applying for jobs.

Neurodiversity refers to natural variations in the human brain. Most people are neurotypical, so their brain functioning is perceived as a standard. However, 1 in every 7 people in the UK are neurodivergent, and their conditions may include dyslexia, autism, dyspraxia, or ADHD.

With the launch of our new neurodivergence policy, over the coming months, Queen’s will be;

  1. Raising awareness among senior management by informing them of the benefits of a neurodiverse workforce.
  2. Educating and training team members to create an open-minded and friendly workplace environment.
  3. Adjusting recruitment and staff development practices to reduce barriers to entry.
  4. Continuing to create a more inclusive working environment, by encouraging flexible working and allowing employees to work from home whenever needed.
  5. Providing tools to make work easier for neurodivergent people, such as noise-cancelling headphones and time management software.


If you would like any further information on our neurodivergence policy or how else we’re celebrating Mental Health Awareness Week, email info@queensfineart.com and our team will be in touch.

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