How will rising oil prices impact fine art shipping?

As the price of oil surges to record levels (£130 per barrel at the time of writing), and with the current no-fly zone over Russia, we thought we would take a moment to ensure that you had all the...

07 Mar 2022

Is it possible to always ship art via sea freight?

A recent conversation internally between one of our directors and the shipping team here at Queen’s prompted us to consider exactly why it was that we couldn’t encourage more clients to adopt sea freight instead of air freight. Could...

09 Feb 2022
Art, Shipping

Queen’s partners with Nottingham Contemporary for their latest exhibition.

For several months now, Queen's has been working closely with the team at Nottingham Contemporary to facilitate the logistics for their forthcoming exhibition, Our Silver City 2094. We caught up with their Head of Exhibitions, Kiera Blakey, to find...

18 Oct 2021

Q&A – Shipping Art Internationally.

We provide an update on the processes (and our experiences) shipping works between the UK and Europe, as well as providing further clarity for newer clients on what you need to know before shipping art internationally.

16 Mar 2021
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