Art Market

Mayfair Art Weekend 2022: In conversation with Cherie Silver

This year marks the 9th edition of Mayfair Art Weekend (MAW) and so we sat with Cherie Silver, Project Manager for MAW, to find out what's in store this year and how you can make the most of the...

06 Jun 2022
Art Market

In Conversation with Mayfair Art Weekend

we spoke with MAW Project Manager, Cherie Silver, to see what's in store this year. Like many, we were interested to see how planning the weekend in the wake of a pandemic has forced them to rethink how to...

14 Jun 2021
Art Market

NFTs and the Art Exchange. In conversation with Francesca Casiraghi.

As we shift focus away from our recent relocations series, it's time to return our spotlights to art and the art market. Ever keen to feature interesting and thought-provoking partners, clients and figureheads within the industry we sat down...

01 Jun 2021
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