In conversation with Hannah Aykroyd, of Aykroyd & Co

We chat with friend of Queen's, Hannah Aykroyd, founder of London-based prime property buying agent Aykroyd & Co, to discuss the importance of representation when buying prime property in London and predictions for the market across 2021.

10 May 2021

The Art To Investing in Prime London Property

Although Queen's takes the stress out of moving through our specialist moving and relocations services, making the most out of investing in prime London residential property is challenging and competitive and so, we thought we'd speak with friend of...

04 May 2021
Interior Design

Designing Luxury – In conversation with Alex Kravetz

Now that the hospitality sector is beginning to open back up in the UK, it seemed only fitting to shift our focus to the design and installation of interiors within the more commercial spaces. There are few other names...

23 Apr 2021
Interior Design

In conversation with Interior Designer and Influencer, Rebecca Wakefield.

In the third part of our interior design series, we spoke with friend of Queen's, Rebecca Wakefield, founder of design studio ‘ Studio Fortnum’. With a focus on materiality and texture, many would describe Rebecca's design as timeless, thoughtful...

20 Apr 2021
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