Why Queen's

Our people are our product

The safe care and protection of your artwork is everything to us. Our team know that this is the number one priority within our business.. We manage our staff with respect and care and they do the same for your artworks.

Alex Rebeiz-Nielsen
Julia Morelli
Cristian Rizea
Mark Quail
William Saint-Prix
Ollie Gilbert
Tom Wood
Cecilia Morales
Waldo Ramsay
Rob Stanfield
Jamie Gourlay
James Hodel-Murphy
Reuben Oni
Jack Lambert
Rikki Dowsett
Ana Paixão
Intern Position

We are seeking an ambitious and hardworking individual to join our team and work within several key areas of the business. The successful candidate will enjoy a huge amount of responsibility and freedom within the role.

Warehouse Supervisor

We are seeking an experienced and dedicated Fine Art Warehouse Supervisor to join our team. The successful applicant will have full oversight of warehouse operations.

Fine Art Technician

We are seeking a dedicated and conscientious art technician to join our team. The role is incredibly varied and would suit an experienced individual with drive to further their career, skill set and contribute significantly to the success of the company.

Logistics Manager

We are seeking a diligent and detail orientated logistics manager to join our team. The successful candidate will have a key role in a fast paced and exciting office.

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